Antarctic Quest 21 School Outreach

L2B launch

Today LikeToBe launched the Antartic Quest 21 School Outreach Programme. Members of the expedition team introduced the expedition and answered questions of school kids from as far away as South Africa. We covered everything from expedition food rations and equipment to how the team’s training ahead of and the scientific projects carried out during the expedition.

(This included in-depth discussions around pot noodles and penguin poop.)

The Antarctic Quest 21 School Outreach Programme is free for participating schools and is inviting all educators looking to inspire students with STEM knowledge and careers, leadership skills and digital networking opportunities.

It will consist of a series of online events and webinars, including going live to Antarctica when the expedition team will be traversing the Antarctic Peninsula in aid of advancing scientific research and marking Sir Ernest Shackleton’s final expedition 100 years ago.

Read all about the expedition on the Antarctic Quest 21 website and its scientific programme on the Science page.

Find out more and sign up to the Outreach Programme on the LikeToBe website HERE.

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