Ocean College Scientific Data

View over the bowsprit of Pelican of London.

The tall ship Pelican of London is off the African coast and on its way across the Atlantic with a bunch of kids from Germany on their big Ocean College adventure.

You can follow their progress and see the scientific data they collect live using a GIS map.

Below, I provide a screenshot that is special to Seas Your Future, the charity who operates the Pelican of London and provides the sail training for Ocean College on the voyage: the chlorophyll data has been obtained with a TriLux fluorescence sensor on loan to Seas Your Future by Chelsea Technologies

We commissioned the TriLux instrument in Albion Dock, Bristol, earlier this year and it is great to see that it is being used for education and delivering data. I am looking forward to seeing more! 

Featured Image: view over the bowsprit of Pelican of London. (c) C Braungardt

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