STEAM Education Link II

Ice fall at glacier front

Today’s STEAM link relates to an all-too-familiar phrase in the context of climate change: “…faster than…”

Jonathan Bamber of University of Bristol summarises new research of Artcic warming in an article in The Conversation, explaining in every day language the what, how, why and what next.

In essence, the Arctic is warming at a rate four times faster than the planetary average, with serious consequences resulting from the knock-on effects of this warming on sea ice, permafrost, ice sheets and hence, the rest of the planet.

As he puts it: “As anyone who works on these problems knows, what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.

By the way, it is worth subscribing to The Conversation if you are interested in global perspectives based on evidence and data, and not fiction and fakery.

Featured image: ice fall at a glacier front. (c) Charlotte Braungardt

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