STEAM Education Link I

Featherwinged beetle

Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics, or STEAM, Education is close to my heart and something I have been engaging in for many, many years, althought I’ve been focussing mainly on the consonants within the acronym while maintaining an active interst in the vowel.

With this new series of blog entries, I am simply passing on interesting STEAM topics in the news.

Today’s link is to an article and video in the scientific journal Nature and covers the astonishing science and technology that went into the study of how a beetle of half a millimetre length manages to fly… perhaps this is not what you normally engage with, but it also reaveals interesting facts about how the aerodynamics change at such tiny scale.

Video embedded from Nature article ‘Flying in miniature: Secrets of the Featherwing beetle’ found at

You can subscribe to the Nature newsfeed!

Featured Image: screen copy of featherwings from the video.

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