Vision for Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated sometime in April each year since the 1970s and in 2022, it’s Friday 22nd.

I’m not exaclty a fan of such events: it always struck me as weired to set aside just one day a year to show your appreciation for what your mother does for, and it is equally insufficient to switch the lights off for an hour, do some fun activities with the kids and ‘pledge going green’ on Earth Day.

Nevertheless, I just stumbled across something apt to mark this year’s Earth Day: a mesmerisingly beautiful slow meditation of a video by the Schmidt Ocean Institute (@schmidtocean) that shows deep ocean images around an archipelago some 5,100 kilometers northeast of Sydney, Australia.

To me, the video captures the fragility of the largely unknown deep ocean ecosystems. As we pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we change the composition and temperature of the surface ocean, and this will, in time, translate into the deep ocean. We’ve started this already and can’t stop that now – we can only prevent it getting even more severe.

Sadly, we may never know everything what we losing … and therefore, we have no time to waste to work towards social and environmental sustainabiltiy at individual and organisational levels.

Featured Image: screenshot from the video (Schmidt Ocean Institute)

(If you like cephalopods, immerse yourself into their world here.)

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