Seas Your Future Ocean Science Update

Whale ID HW-MN0502372 by Frank Garita

Back in January, Seas Your Future facilitated a fantastic opportunity for six young Scientists in Residence to carry out research project during a 12 day voyage on the Pelican of London along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Here you can find out what they discovered:

Hanna Gibbs reports on plastic pollution in the water column and along the beaches of Costa Rica and potential impacts on the marine food web and considers solutions.

Thomas Stone’s account of marine mammal surveys, carried out in collaboration with Costa Rican conservation scientist Frank Garita, includes pictures and details of 206 sightings of dolphins and whales.

The state of zooplankton in response to red tides was studied by Megan Derrick, who also provides insight into her personal learning during the voyage.

As Head of Science for Seas Your Future, I am very pleased with this pilot of the ‘Scientist in Residence‘ concept, which we are rolling out throughout our summer programme. The timing is right to make our contribution to the United Nation Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development … watch this space!

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