Getting Ready to Set Sail for STEM Education

Tall Ship Pelican of London is looking splendid with a freshly painted hull.

This morning, we leave Albion dock in Bristol, where she had her dry docking and maintenance period after six months at sea with Ocean College.

As the sun rises, we slowly make our way into Cumberland Basin before locking out into the river Avon.

Soon we’ll be on our way to Dublin, where we’ll welcome some 30 young people from Sail Training Ireland for a week of sail training and STEM education.

Pelican of London is an ideal platform for linking STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) theory with our experience at sea. The programme I put together covers meteorology, marine ecology, goemetry, statistics, pollution and conservation.

I am looking forward to this new STEM at SEA adventure with Seas Your Future!

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