Want to reduce uncertainty?

We all know that life is full of uncertainty and most of the time, we don’t notice it too much, let alone worry about it. We’re used to it.

Yet for me, the covid pandemic has, once again, brought into sharp focus how stifling uncertainty is when it comes to planning and taking rational decisions.

It’s the same when it comes to climate change and its impact.

The world over, governments, businesses and individuals alike have been putting off making the radical changes needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions to a level that limits global temperature rise to a tolerable level that maintains ecosystem functioning (more or less) as we know it.

The uncertainty in predictions of greenhouse gas emissions, associated temperature changes and their environmental impacts is one of reasons that prevents decisive action.

Most of us have little influence on reducing the uncertainty of climate change models and predictions of glacial melt, sealevel rise, increased storminess or droughts.

But here is an opportunity for you to support a rare expedition into remote regions of the Antarctic Peninsula that is carrying out vital work to collect data that reduces the uncertainty in climate change science.

You can support a man-hauled expedition into remote areas of the Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition team will install equipment collecting much-needed data for more accurate models of ice loss, isostatic rebound, geophysics and snowfall.

In addition, samples will be taken that constrain nutrient deposition calculations for a better understanding of the Southern Ocean’s role in the global carbon budget, as well as providing insight into long-range atmospheric transport of microplastic pollution.

Read more about the expedition here: https://antarcticquest21.com/index.html

Follow the countdown to Wednesday’s crowdfunding event here: https://antarcticquest21.com/blog.html and support generously, so that the global community can, metaphorically speaking, pull their heads out of the quicksand of uncertainty and act with conviction and integrity against climate change.

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