Around Britain in a Tall Ship 2020

Young sail-trainee at the helm in the North Sea

During the covid pandemic lockdown in August/September 2020, the sail training charity Seas Your Future and achieved something remarkable: to organise a circumnavigation of the British Isles in the tall ship Pelican of London.

Cruise track of Pelican of London in 2020.

The aim was ambitious: to assess the ‘health of the seas’ along the way. I was invited to write the scientific programme, with minimal time and equipment, and join the voyage from Liverpool to the Hebrides, around John O’Groats and southwards down the North Sea.

We borrowed some oceanographic equipment and analytical instrumentation from my employer, and with the blessing of my Head of School and high expectations of publicity opportunities, a colleague of mine, who covered the southern route from Southampton to Liverpool, and I were ‘released’ from our academic duties for a collective 7 weeks and set sail.

This video is my short summary of key outcomes of this voyage:

Check out all the science videos from this voyage here.

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