Sailing Changes Our Perspective

My work with Seas Your Future gives me the privilege to sail the tall ship Pelican of London with some fabulous people.

Imogen is of them and in her testimonial she expresses with great eloquence her insights of how sailing changes everything: your relationship with yourself, others, nature and what life is all about, personally for you.

Thanks, Imogen, for sharing this!

Sail training on tall ships is more than an adventure at sea – it is also the start of an adventure of the mind.

Traces of ebb and flood on a beach. (C) C Braungardt.

Providing young people with such a life changing experience is a fundamentally sustainable action, because of the long lasting impact on their personal development and resilience, relationship with nature and positive life choices that result.

Find a sail training charity and support them with your skills or a donation. It’s going to be worth it!

Featured image: Sail trainees on the yard of Pelican of London. (c) Seas Your Future.

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