100 years ago…

…Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail from Plymouth aboard Quest for the Shackleton-Rowett  Antarctic expedition with a strong scientific mission.

The event is marked today by the Devon-Cornwall Polar Society with an all-day event in Plymouth, which is covered by ITV Westcountry News and the BBC.

At the event, polar explorer Antony Jinman represents Paul Hart’s Shackleton commemoration expedition Antarctic Quest 21 this coming austral summer.

Meanwhile, Paul and Richard Simpson are in Bremerhaven to load the expedition equipment onto the cruise ship SeaVenture, which will also transport the eight men and women from South America to the Antarctic Peninsula in December.

As Shackleton’s planned expedition, Antarctic Quest 21 has a scientific purpose, addressing knowledge and data gaps in fields as diverse as climate change, UV irradiation, invertebrate biodiversity and plastic pollution.

Follow our science and adventure.

Featured Image: Paul Hart (3rd from left) and Richard Simpson (left) with the officers of SeaVenture this morning.

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