Marine Measurement Forum

Pelican of London Figurehead. (c) Rohan Holt.

The 65th meeting of the Marine Measurement Forum (MMF65) was hosted by Aquatec on the 30th November 2022. It’s a good space for exchanging news on research, ideas and developments across the marine measurement and ocean technology – a space where collaboration and competition coexists.

I represented Seas Your Future with an update on youth development, sustainability and plans for ocean science on the tall ships Pelican of London and Fridtjof Nansen. Of course, a sail training charity’s talk does not easily fit into a tech and research-based conference programme, and the programme organiser Augustin Riso solved this beautifully by integrating us into the ‘Surface Vehicle Session‘. In return, I highlighted Seas Your Future’s support of personal and career development and the impact this has on young people’s confidence and considering careers in science, technology and engineering.

Dr Charlotte Braungardt presenting ath the MMF65 meeting in November 2022

Thank you Augustin, Aquatec and all members of the MMF65 for welcoming us and showing interest in the important STEM education and ocean science work of Seas Your Future.

Featured Image: Pelican of London Figurehead. With kind permission (c) Rohan Holt.

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