International group of young people communicating. (c) C Braungardt

Specialist and technical language can be a barrier to accessing science.

Does your project require scientific insight?

Challenging Habitat brings science closer to your audience through engaging communication bespoke to your needs. This could include translation of scientific outputs into plain English or German, not just literally, but through explaining and illustrating complex concepts with examples and analogues from the experience world of your audience, bringing science to life.

Example Project: Telling the Story of a Scientific Expedition

Antarctic Quest 21 is a scientific expedition planned for the Austral summer 2021/22. I am the scientific advisor to the expedition team, coordinating communication between the scientists the expedition services and the team that has the capability to do the gruelling work on the ice. I also write blog posts and the science page for the expedition.

To start telling the story of this expedition, raise its profile and also attract potential sponsors, I published an article in a special issue of Environment Coast and Ocean Magazine (ECO Magazine) on the occasion of the launch of United Nation Decade of Ocean Science in May 2021. The article brings together the diverse strands of science in a story aimed to engage a lay audience.

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